A short stay in Italie to pick up olives has been an occasion to ponder about life.

Farmer for five days, it was arduous! Used to my laptop and my meetings with the clients, being on the fields I could benefit from the calm the proximity with nature transmits.

Surrounded by a lush wilderness with its amazing landscapes, the nice weather, I appreciated the magical rhythm of nature.

I could appreciate the value of sharing. The whole family gathered, even the youngest ones, leaving behind the latest technologies to proudly embark on our olive-picking mission.

Our ancestors passed down to us their knowledge, for a good extra-virgin olive oil, you need to respect our earth able to produce this immense bio-diversity.

When I saw this green gold coming out from the pressing, I proudly thought that it was the result of our hard our work.

The next step was to taste the olive oil. It was delicious and a glorious experience! And my thoughts went to all those olive-oil producers who are still busy because after olive-picking fields need to be attended.

This is an experience I wanted to share with you to testify my attachment to authentic food products and to the values they pass on to us.

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