We all agree that quality is a priority when we talk about wines. But why should we go for organic wines?

I’d like to share with you my personal experiene.

While travelling throughout Italy’s most amazing agricultural regions collecting my favourite foods and wines, I met many extraordinary artisans.  Women and men who have dedicated their whole life to the pursuit of excellence in their products. They had inspiring personal stories; they lived  in contact with nature in superbe places in Italy!

They showed me that even despite our high-paced lives, there are places where the rhythm slows down, where patience, passion, and respect for nature yield virtual masterpieces.  They inspired me to keep searching for products expressing the most genuine flavours of Italy.

Such products are obtained fully respecting the nature and the environment and are mostly organic. They are the place where tradition meets passion to allow for innovation to improve them. 

When choising SensoDivino products you support the biodivesity of Italy’s agricultural reagions. You also help preserve traditional production methods for the future generations to benefit from. 

My experiences in Italy are also the reason why I decided to respond to the call of Franz Dickes and contribute to his dream to organise the first Fair of organic wines in Luxembourg!

At the Fair, SensoDivino is going to propose you our new wines, discovered in my latest trips on the look out for producers who wish to safeguard  #tradition  and use those agricultural methods they have inherited from their parents.

Come and join us, discover the wide range of our wines and taste our treasures on  6 & 7 July  at the  True Wines 1er Salon du Vin Naturel, Bio (bien fait) et Biodyn. in Luxembourg.

We wait for you at The Farm 80-82 rue de l’Aciérie, L-1112 Luxembourg.

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