To celebrate SensoDivino 5th birthday, I am proud to announce  the launch of a newly redesigned website, which makes it possible to shop online for all the delicacies your tastebuds have grown to crave. Our NEW online boutique is quick and easy to use with no cumbersome registration process and very limited requests for your personal data. Just choose the products you would like to share on your table, and they will be delivered to your door.

Many clients have asked me if they could purchase SensoDivino products online from the comfort of their home, and the answer is now YES! 

Here are some of the key features of our new website to look for:

  • Detailed information on the composition and characteristics of each product
  • Colourful photographs of each product so you can recognise it easily
  • Supporting information on the producers, their history, and why I selected them
  • Pairing suggestions for each product emphasising the authentic Italian way of enjoying fine food and wine
  • Low shipping costs
  • The option of picking up your order at SensoDivino’s location to eliminate shipping costs
  • Full exchange and return policy
  • Phone and email assistance for any queries

Visitors to the new SensoDivino website can now have access to all of our services, events, new products and special offers. I hope that this new website will make it easier to order your favourite gourmet food and wines from anywhere. In addition, the site foresees interactive forms for the client to request tailored proposals, because my aim is to serve you best!

I hope that this new site will grow our community and bring us closer together. There is much to learn from your experiences and opinions, and I am all ears!

Please visit our new online store and let me know what you think. My goal is to serve you better and bring all of these incredible tastes to more people. We will be offering tastings and special events so you can taste the real thing.

Celebrate all of the wonderful flavours of life with me!

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