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Balsamic honey


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Creamy honey from the uncontaminated valleys of La Majella National Park in Abruzzo in Italy infused with honeydew, eucalyptus, propolis, thyme, pine, and mint, this amber, thick. Simply magnificent!  Eucalyptus and propolis make the honey antiseptic and beneficial for sore throats. It’s the most natural solution to colds and scratchy throat.



Apicoltura Bianco is a family-run company that blends modern environmental and agricultural concepts with a nomadic approach to beekeeping: chasing blossoms of a certain plant to use for monofloral honeys. Using only one plant species as a source of nectar for the bee is a challenging art which results in a highly nutritional naturally-decantered honey with a pure and rare taste. To achieve this purity, the hives are positioned only in the valleys of the Majella National Parc in Abruzzo, far away from urban and agricultural pollution sources.

I was fascinated by Alfonso’s passion for single-flower honey and nomadic approach to beekeeping which inspired him to dedicate his life to chasing seasons and blooms with his hives through the valleys of the enchanting Majella National Parc in Abruzzo.

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