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Colomba Classica Perbellini


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The colomba (“the dove”) is a soft, orange-flavoured Italian cake molded in the shape of a dove, topped with almonds, and traditionally eaten at Easter. The Pasticceria Perbellini uses the ancient family colomba recipe to create a rich and soft product. The difference between Perbellini Colomba and other similar cakes is they omit the candied fruit of the traditional recipe. A soft glaze is added on top to ensure the rich, spongey texture stays soft and moist.

The Perbellini story is one of passion for creating handmade exquisite sweets that look almost as lovely as they taste! For 130 years, hard work, dedication and (very secret) family recipes have been the cornerstone of Perbellini’s traditional Italian pasticceria, paying off in loyal customers and steady business growth. Their handmade cakes, desserts, biscuits and chocolates are works of art! The grandsons still produce the cake to their grandfather’s instructions, and have clearly inherited his passion for producing unique, hand-crafted pastries. The tradition is renewed each day as the brothers mix the precious, naturally-leavened dough that forms the basis of the renowned Perbellini delicacies.

Giovanni Battista et Flavio perpétuent la tradition initiée par leur grand-père Giovanni Battista Perbellini qui, en 1891, écrit la première page de son livre de recette intitulé « Pâte levée », dans lequel il codifie la recette originale de l’Offella d’Oro®. La passion de leur métier et la volonté d’offrir des produits de pâtisserie uniques, travaillés de leurs propres mains, sont la marque de fabrique de la famille Perbellini. De nos jours encore, ils font revivre la tradition, façonnant chaque jour la précieuse levure mère pour confectionner les illustres pâtisseries Perbellini. Parce qu’un bon produit ne s’obtient qu’avec patience et persévérance, chaque jour, ils attendent patiemment que se déroule le processus naturel du levage avant de retirer du four les douces saveurs qui parviendront jusqu’à votre table.