Colonna Granverde – Extra virgin olive oil



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The scent of Sicily’s organic lemons

Turns your fish filets into Michelin-starred dishes!

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250 ml

Organic Sicilian lemons are pressed together with organic olives for this citrus-flavoured oil – the flagship of the Azienda Marina Colonna farm. Perfect for dips and for lavishing on steamed vegetables and baked fish.

Create healthy dips for kids!

The Colonna family has farmed this estate in the green hills of Molise for over 200 years; their specialty a sublime extra-virgin olive oil – well-balanced and buttery made from a blend of hand-harvested olive oils that are milled and cold-pressed separately. The Colonna family uses only natural fertilizers on its olive groves with compost produced on the estate. In 1990, Marina Colonna, with a nose for quality and innovation, launched the estate’s Agrumato oils – a truly unique blend of extra-virgin olive oil infused with the juice of citrus fruits.

“From the tree to the bottle, the quality is female. SensoDivino was inspired by the motto of Marina Colonna managing all the aspects of her estate in Molise, an ancient land where even the air carries the scent of bygone times. From this land, Marina produces an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.”

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