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Cucunci – Caper fruits from Pantelleria



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This one ingredient turns a plain veggy soup into a chef’s delight!

It’s salty without any added salt, just the sea breezes of Sicily

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Cucuncis are the fruits of capers that contain seeds. The grains have been dried according to an old family tradition resulting in a true gastronomic wonder. This unique product will surprise you with its great versatility in the kitchen. Sprinkle it on salads and vegetables soups. Cook your fish with authentic Mediterranean flavour.

Back in 1949, Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio set up La Nicchia in Pantelleria, a small island cast away in the Mediterrean Sea, belonging to the Italian Region of Sicily. La Nicchia offers a selection of the Island’s traditional products made from the best raw material processed by the simplest methods. Their capers are hand-picked at dawn before the sun shines and the heath gets unbearable, with humble gestures and devotion to the nature. These delicacies are kissed with the taste of the sea and the warmth of the Sicilian sun, which is used naturally to dry them. Supporting this company helps keep alive a terroir, an ancient agricultural practice, and the pursuit of a hard-working profession.


The sons of the founders garnered the heritage of their fathers’ precious toil and carried out extensive studies and research on the raw materials the beautiful island of Pantelleria is endowed with. Nearly seventy years on, ours is the only farming company in Pantelleria that operates as a farm, a caper processing plant, and a laboratory preserving specialty food.

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