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Extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed.

Saveur fruité herbacé à faible acidité.  À utiliser dans votre cuisine avec toutes les préparations.

Né de la volonté de Giancotti Giuseppe qui, dans le Golfe de Squillace, en Calabre en Italie, a eu l’intuition de produire un huile de qualité.

This 5-litres reserve allows you to save money and to have olive oil at home always at hand. 

First pressed” – means the olives were crushed and pressed only one time. The olive oil extracted from the first pressing is of the highest quality and purity.

Herbaceous fruity flavor with low acidity. Use this oil in your kitchen with all your preparations and dishes. 

This olive oil was born of the will of Giancotti Giuseppe who, in the Squillace Gulf, in Calabria in Italy, had the intuition to produce quality oil.

The farm uses olives from the Carolea variety, originating from the Calabria Region. The olives grow between 300 and 400 meters above the sea level, allowing the production of an olive oil with very low acidity.

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