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Fior d’Albicocca


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This light, spongey cake has surprising apricot confit drops

Wrapped in a beautiful, hand-painted box that can decorate your home

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This is an extremely light cake made with naturally leavened dough according to a unique family recipe. Your tongue will discover small, tasty apricot confit drops in the light sponge, and the top is covered by a soft almond glaze. 

Packaged in an artistic box with a hand drawn print of apricots, this cake is an ideal gift for any occasion.

Available all year round.

The Perbellini story is one of passion for creating handmade exquisite sweets that look almost as lovely as they taste! For 130 years, hard work, dedication and (very secret) family recipes have been the cornerstone of Perbellini’s traditional Italian pasticceria, paying off in loyal customers and steady business growth. Their handmade cakes, desserts, biscuits and chocolates are works of art! The grandsons still produce the cake to their grandfather’s instructions, and have clearly inherited his passion for producing unique, hand-crafted pastries. The tradition is renewed each day as the brothers mix the precious, naturally-leavened dough that forms the basis of the renowned Perbellini delicacies.

The tradition is renewed every day as the brothers Perbellini mix the precious leavened dough that will form the basis of the renowned Perbellini delicacies. And every day they wait for the magical transformation that turns simple ingredients into the sublime fragrances that arrive at your table. Because something as good as this requires perseverance and patience.

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