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Its springtime taste Its bouquet with red fruits

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Rosé wine     

This rosé wine is produced with a blend of indigenous grapes of Verona, whose skins are left in contact with the pomace while macerating, for just one night, hence the name! 

It displays a light raspberry-pink colour.

  On the nose it’s pleasant, with aromas of wild strawberries and roses, delicate hints of citrus, grapefruit and cedar, and sensations of redcurrants and wildflowers.

Fresh and fruity with a springtime taste. Cranberries, wild berries and wild small strawberries, complete its great taste.

Grapes  Molinara100%.

Area San Pietro in Cariano. Altitude 400 meters above sea level. Soil rich of mainly limestone over glacial drift, with lots of rocks.

Alcohol 13%

Serving suggestions Serve at 6°C. Perfect as aperitif, it accompanies wonderfully summer salads, risotto or pasta dishes, shellfish and fish soups.

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