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Parmesan cheese 24 months  ±250



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± 250gr

The iconic hard cheese of Parma has a flavour that epitomises an entire cusine. Made with the milk of a rare breed of brown cow in the Valserena estate, you may be unable to eat “ordinary” Parmesan again!

Since 1879, the family Serra, cheese-maker of the Valserena estate, has prided itself on the quality of its cows, which are exclusively the Italian Brown breed. The Serra family believes that happy cows produce superior Parmesan cheese. They attend to all the phases of the production from breeding the young calves to the production and conservation of the pastures, including every detail or technique that can improve the animal’s well-being. The payoff is a rich but delicate-tasting Parmigiano with an enticing aroma made only from raw milk, using no pasteurisation or additives. In 2008, they joined the “Consorzio di sola bruna” (Consortium of Only Italian Brown) to guarantee consumers a total traceability of their Parmesan that can be detected in each slice of cheese.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude when Giovanni, with his brother’s and sister’s blessing, entrusted me with their family secret for creating delicious Parmesan. He told me, ‘We try to give our cows the best life possible; if treated well, they pay us back by producing delicious milk.

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