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Pecorino Organic igt 2020



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Don’t look at us funny, Pecorino it is a wine grape too!

Match it with pecorino cheese

It’s organic!

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White organic wine

 Straw-yellow in colour.

 Fresh and intense scent with an elegantly fresh fruit sensations.

 Dry and mineral. 

Pecorino is a light-skinned wine grape used in Italy’s eastern coastal regions, particularly in Marche and Abruzzo. It produces a really high quality white that hardly leaves the country.
The name Pecorino means “little sheep” and is perhaps more widely associated with Pecorino cheese, which is made from ewes’ milk and is entirely unrelated, save for its etymological link. The grape is so called supposedly because it was a favorite treat for flocks of sheep driven to lower pastures. IGT wines are labeled with the locality of their creation.

Grapes Pecorino 100% (it is a wine grape too!). Organic.

Area  IGT Terre di Chieti.

Alcohol 13,5%

Serving suggestions Serve at 10-12°C. Ideal with seafood dishes, your appetizers, and cheese. Pecorino cheese is, coincidentally, a surprisingly good food match for Pecorino wine.


All of the vineyards of Buccicatino Vini Bio are located on the hilly terrain of Abruzzo, blessed with sunshine and moist breezes of the Adriatic Sea. Umberto Buccicatino reinvigorated the family vineyards in 1993 by modernising the cellar and using organic techniques to produce critically acclaimed wines. The grapes are harvested by hand with the utmost care to ensure consistency in quality and the authentic taste of Abruzzo’s traditional wines.


“During one of my trips to Central Italy, I remember how, under a porch caressed by the soft sea breeze, Umberto explained to me how he was reinvigorating the vineyards and modernising the cellar, whilst all the time not losing sight of his obsession: his wines had to taste of the land and sea of Abruzzo!”

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