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Risotto zucchini cornflower petals N. 6


You will love

The scent of cornflower

The crispy rice grains

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  • Carnaroli rice, zucchini, carrots, marjoram, basil, onion, cornflower petals.

With the range of Risotto “I FioritiNaturalia in a few minutes, you will delight your eyes and your palate with new colors, intriguing aromas, and never-experienced flavors.

Simple et healthy, without preservatives or aromas.

We only use only Carnaroli rice of excellent quality, natural vegetable ingredients, and real freeze-dried flowers coming from the Family Rosso garden.

Le risottos Naturalia preserve and enhance in each of your dishes all the fragrance of the newly blossomed petals!

Weight  300 gr

Portions 3/4

Cooking time 16/18  min

I Fioriti risottos are born from the union of the best Naturalia rice with edible flowers (violet, calendula, sunflower, chives, acacia, dandelion, cornflower, mallow, primrose, rose), small fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs (basil, lovage, marjoram, parsley, savory).

These products also come from Naturalia’s garden, to preserve and ensure all the original flavor and fragrance.

The recipes for these tasty, refined, colorful, easy and quick to prepare risottos have been personally studied by Federica Rosso.

Inspired by the traditions of her grand mother, Federica selected the best classic ingredients, such as porcini mushrooms, in combination with unusual products, such as pepper leaves or mountain celery.

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