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Professional slicer for home use

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Always have good supplies of thin-sliced ham

Slice food thinner than a professional chef

A piece of Italian design in your kitchen


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10″ Blade Deli Meat, Cheese, and Food Slicer Premium Quality

The professional quality of this slicer helps you slice foods thinner and more consistent than even a skilled professional chef could with a top-quality knife.

Slice large amount of food in very few minutes. With this machine you will manage to always have good supplies of thin-sliced ham, salami, as well as tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables.

The professional slicers CE Tamagnini are made of an aluminum alloy treated by anodic oxidation. This procedure guarantees the highest hygienic standards of all the parts interested by the cut, as well as their resistance to acids, salts and oxidation processes. The slicing machine mod. F 300 EL has the advantage of an easy cleaning. The cutting thickness from 0 to 16 mm., with lighted adjusting knob, is very sensitive and allow you even a decimal adjustement. The easy and precise sharpening set makes the work of the users easiers by keeping the edge of the blade always sharp, for a very good cut of food. The carriage, running on ball bearings, has an exceptional fluency and you can cut also heavy sausages, roastbeef, cheese, fish, hard meat.   

The Italian design makes is it an elegant appliance for the kitchen. It is available in all pantone colours to perfectly match your kitchen. The price depends on the colour choosen.

Key features
Heavy-duty 10” Stainless Steel Blade
ON-OFF Switch with waterproof cover for easy use
Skid proof rubber feet for table use
Powerful 240 Watts motor for commercial applications
Easy to adjust the precise thickness of meat from 0 to 17mm with the numerical scale knob
Fixed Device Handle for Pushing the Fixed Meat to Slice
A moving handle and the fixed device handle allow you to slice meat effortlessly
Built-in Dual Whetstones for Sharpening Blade Safely and Conveniently
The unit dissembles easily for through cleaning
Great performance
Life-long guarantee
Dimensions: cm 40X50 h 50
Weight 23 kg – Gross Weight: 49 LBS

Package include: (1) Stainless steel meat slicer machine with dual whetstones; (1) Instruction manual.


Single phase motor V 115-220 240 Hz 50/60 HP 0.35

Blade Ø mm. 300

R.p.m. of the blade 300

Thickness mm. 0 ÷ 17 – 5/8″ 

Utilizable cutting mm. 280 X 220

Additional information

Weight26 kg
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