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Spigarolino – Culatello salami


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This is the first salami of the season; made using the very lean meat of salted pork that is freshly ground, (finer than normal). This very lean salami is made from the meat used to produced the famous Culatello according to a secret recipe of the family Spigaroli, who once farmed the lands of Giuseppe Verdi. Fresh, perfumed, rare and unique thanks to the secret recipe. It is cured for a maximum of 30 days and best eaten young.

Only those salami produced by the brothers Spigaroli can bear the name “Spigarolino”.

The famous Spigaroli brothers are Italian artisans whose family have been making their cured meats for more than 100 years. Their much-prized Culatello di Zibello – the Rolls Royce of prosciutto – a slowly cured boneless ham made from the upper hind legs of the pig was once a favourite of the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi. Their Culatello, presented together on a board are the perfect accompaniment to an aperitif.

An extraordinary family tale which we are happy to share with you!

To talk about a farm is a bit like talking about the trees of the Spigaroli family. Starting with our great-great-grandfather, estate manager of the Piantador farm, all the Spigaroli have always had farming in their blood. In fact even today Massimo has often been called “THE FARMING CHEF”.

Over the years the Spigaroli family has grown, the farm has added a restaurant called AL CAVALLINO BIANCO (AT THE WHITE PONY), then a business producing the finest salumi in the Parmense Lowland area, the “ANTICA CORTE PALLAVICINA” and most recently a Relais called the ANTICA CORTE PALLAVICINA RELAIS.

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