One of the constraints of this confinement is the obligation to cook yourself. However, confinement is also the opportunity to devote time to activities we haven’t been pursuing for a long time, such as cooking.

It is also an opportunity to eat healthier. And even when you don’t necessarily like to cook, you have to get organised anyhow to ensure you can eat balanced, healthy meals that can uplift your spirits.

What could be better than pasta?

Pasta give us the energy our body needs. Thanks its protein content, pasta fills up longer and contributes to the maintenance of our lean mass (our muscles). Pasta contains fibers that allow for the release glucose to the bloodstream more slowly.  In addition, even if you don’t know how to cook, there are plenty of recipes on social networks!

SensoDivino offers you  pasta from Canossa. This pasta is  produced in Ferrara, in an artisanal way. Thanks to the special treatment of granulated wheat and the careful selection of seeds, this pasta is characterized by a high content of proteins and dietary fibers which makes it particularly digestible and tasty. 

Our pasta offers you a high protein content and the scent of wheat; a dream, like a trip to the fields!

Discover all types of pasta SensoDivino offers you! Stay at home, we deliver for free!

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