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Maccheroni Pasta from Canossa


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Son teneur elevé en proteine

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Pasta di Canossa, with its range of products that are all bronze-drawn and have high protein value, is the main component of a healthy and tasty diet.

Thanks to the special processing of the granulated wheat and careful selection of the grains, this pasta is characterised by high protein and dietary fibre value. Worried about your digestion? Its processing makes it particularly digest and tasty. Pasta di Canossa is unique!

The producer follows the whole life-cycle of the grain, starting from the seed, until it is transformed to obtain this excellent pasta. Pasta di Canossa, monitors and checks every stage in the process.

Weight    500 g

Cooking time 7 min

Pasta di Canossa is the result of an intuition of Ottavio di Canossa. It is produced in Ferrara at the ancient Tenuta Cuniola estate, which the Canossa family has been taking care of  for a century.

Our Pasta, made solely using durum wheat, is the fruit of love for the craft traditions of Emilia, for experimentation and the search for quality, says Ottavio Canossa.

Pasta di Canossa, is produced in Ferrara, in the Region Emilia Romagna.

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