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Vigna del Guasto Colli di Parma doc 2013



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Its ruby colour
Its robust taste

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Red wine 

The typical ruby red color of Barbera characterises this wine.

 Fragrance is concentrated well rounded with distinctive cherry aromas.

 Taste robust

The Lamoretti family handpicks grapes during the second and third week of September when they have been nourished by the sun. The highly concentrated Barbera and Bonarda grapes are first matured in barrels, and then in the bottle.

Grapes Barbera 75%, Bonarda 25%. A blend used in the red wines of the Region of Emilia-Romagna dans le Nord d’Italie.

Area Parma.

Alcohol 12,5%

Serving suggestions Serve at 18 – 20°C. This wine goes well with structured dishes, such as first courses based on a venison ragout, and main courses such as roasts, braised, grilled and boiled meats.

Isidoro LamorettiLocated in the heart of the Parma Hills, the Lamoretti family vineyards were founded in 1930 and have become a driving force in safeguarding the traditional varietals of this region through the Voluntary Consortium. The guiding spirit behind this family’s wine production is to let Mother Nature dictate the rhythms of growth and harvest without haste or interference from man. This keeps the finished product as close to the initial grape as the soil that gave birth to it.

It was soothing to watch Isidoro and his son Giovanni vinifying the grapes that have been historically grown on these hills of Parma such as Malvasia Candia Aromatica. Giovanni left his job as an engineer to work side by side with his father handcrafting for the joy of producing excellent Italian wines. The Torrechiara castle, built in the 1300s, dominates the landscape of gently rolling hills with endless rows of vineyards radiating down from it.”

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