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Saucisse à la truffe



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The perfect solution for enjoying fresh truffles all year long!

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Enjoy sumptuous slices of black summer truffle from Tuscany marinated in olive oil! Prepared according to the tradition of the Brezzi family, these truffles add a finishing touch to your meat preparations or pasta dishes. Take your egg omelets to the next level of taste by adding some slices of truffle.

brezzi   It is said that the truffle had divine origins, and most sophisticated palates would agree – this mushroom tastes heavenly! The truffle grows hidden underground – a magical gift of nature nestled among the roots of trees. Osvaldo Brezzi has continued the tradition of his grandfather and father, and has now passed it on to his nephew, Paolo. He has learned the skills needed to preserve the perfume and the freshness of those jewels, and then create truffle-based products with an unmistakable, unique taste. He retains his forebears’ passion regardless of this more frantic, impatient age, where people are less prepared to wait patiently for the gifts of earth’s bounty or listen to the wisdom of the truffle men.


Osvaldo expertly observed the sky, waiting for rain to scour the lands which yield the best truffles. I listened as he recalled his childhood trips to fields and woods with his grandfather and father. He remembered visiting proud farmers to buy their exquisite truffles and provide them with a vital economic lifeline.

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