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Tagliatelli of truffles 500 gr



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The perfect solution for enjoying fresh truffles all year long!

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500 gr

Tagliatelli truffle pasta are produced through an artisan process in abrusses: bronze die extruded, laid down on wooden frames and dried at low temperature for a long time.


  We have always made truffle-based products without preservatives, guaranteeing the final consumer the authentic taste of the best truffles. Our sauces, dressings and other delights are capable of transforming a simple meal into a divine feast.

Truffle hunters for generations …
The whole family grows and collects fresh truffles by hand: helping us are the woods around the Sangro river, between Abruzzo and Molise, which have always been generous producers of this precious tuber. We sell fresh truffles and prepare preserves, sauces and traditional specialties for a lifetime, using all the experience accumulated over years of work.

« Passion and craftsmanship have been with us for generations »
Simona D’Abruzzo

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