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Cabernet Sauvignon Colline Teatine IGT 2017 Biologique


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Vin de méditation, c’est-à-dire ralentissez, savourez et profitez de la vie!

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Red wine 

Full-bodied wine of complex character and persistent aroma, well balanced and round. Intense and persistent, with notes of pepper and spices, typical of the original grape variety.
The tannins allow a long period of aging. Ruby red colour with light garnet reflections.
Grapes are handpicked during the first dekad of October to guarantee the integrity and organoleptic characteristics of the berries. The wine is transferred into first-pass French oak barrels and left to stand for 24 months, until bottling. Ready for consumption after refinement in bottle for an additional 6 months.
Colline Teatine IGT is one of the most important Indicazione Geografica Tipica titles used in the Abruzzo Region of central Italy. It was created in 1995, when the IGT category was first rolled out across Italy, to designate the specif areas of the hills around the city of Chieti.

Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon 100%.  

Area  Hills around the city of Chieti.  

Alcohol 14,5%

Serving suggestions Serve at 18 °C, opening the bottle in advance. Store in a cool place at 16-18 ° C while holding the lying bottle. Accompanies with elegance red meats, salty dishes and sausages. Perfect with mushrooms and aged cheeses.  Excellent meditation wine. 


All of the vineyards of Buccicatino Vini Bio are located on the hilly terrain of Abruzzo, blessed with sunshine and moist breezes of the Adriatic Sea. Umberto Buccicatino reinvigorated the family vineyards in 1993 by modernising the cellar and using organic techniques to produce critically acclaimed wines. The grapes are harvested by hand with the utmost care to ensure consistency in quality and the authentic taste of Abruzzo’s traditional wines.


“During one of my trips to Central Italy, I remember how, under a porch caressed by the soft sea breeze, Umberto explained to me how he was reinvigorating the vineyards and modernising the cellar, whilst all the time not losing sight of his obsession: his wines had to taste of the land and sea of Abruzzo!”

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